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The Real La La Land

Earlier this week I awoke at my friends house in Los Angeles. She had an audition that morning and also had one the previous night. Before that I was staying with another friend who has a handful of directing projects on the go. The last few nights I was staying with friends who are actors in a very popular TV show. This is Los Angeles, city of angels, city of dreams. It's somewhere I come once a year to see friends, hang out, do a bit of business and get some sun - although this time it's rainy and cloudy and everyone's pissed off as Trump is President. Actually pissed off is trivialising it. They are devastated and who can blame them.

But this is not an anti-Trump rant, this is a glimpse into what life is really like in LA. Because forget what the media portrays, this is a hard working town full of people who, much like us all, are struggling, trying to find their way and going from the extremities of success to failure.

So for the past week I have been jotting down, what I've been up to in LA and starting tomorrow will share, day by day, my crazy time here!

For now, know that I've discovered the best way to meet people from different walks of life. The Super Shuttle from LAX. Picture the scene - Five people, One Brit here for a week, one chap from Portland here for a CAD conference and clearly surprised that I knew what CAD was, another guy from Michigan here to pick up his daughter after she was arrested, one girl back home in LA from holiday and one chap who didn't want to talk. What followed was hilarious conversation, political discussion and a lot of flirting from the girl back from holiday who finally got person number 5 to talk. CAD guy asked for my number, I declined, and the driver declared we were the craziest bunch he had driven that day. And that was just the first hour. More tomorrow!

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