March 30, 2019

I had been in Los Angeles for just over 1 week and already had several crazy adventures and torn a ligament! But now it was time to leave the sunshine (I'm kidding, there was only rain) for a short time and head up to Seattle where I would be meeting friends and he...

March 18, 2019

Clearly 'Friends' is still a big winner for Warner Bros as there is a Central Perk cafe at the end of the tour as well as the Central Perk set inside the interactive museum. They've even re-named Stage 24 the 'Friends' stage.

March 10, 2019

Since 2012 I have visited Los Angeles regularly. I love the people, the positivity, the laid back vibe and of course the sunshine. I tend to go in February as the weather is warm but not too hot and this year was no different. By that I mean I went in February as norma...

January 1, 2019

For some, 2019 couldn't come quick enough. Brexit, Trump, hate crime (which is arguably attributed to the Brexit and Trump craziness), finances, wild fires; 2018 has pushed a lot of us to our limits and it's hard to go to into 2019 thinking things could improve...

December 28, 2018

This got me thinking to us Brits in general and how we love our traditions. Lots of them, for every occasion, and the more eclectic, the better! From the 15th century rooted tradition of Morris Dancing to loving our fish and chips on a Friday and roast dinners on a Su...

November 11, 2018

So what would happen if I had to flee for my life?   If I had to leave my home, with all my memories and the journey of my life to date inside, what would I take? How could I decide?

October 30, 2018

There is no doubt in my mind at all that Halloween and Bonfire Night are my favourite times of year. This is simply because I'm allowed to use my sick mind to its fullest.

September 18, 2018

Tomorrow, I turn 42 years old. And, at 42 years old I think it's time to admit something that I've

been ashamed to admit my whole life. I am an addict. I don't smoke, do drugs or gamble. I don't take unnecessary risks and I try to be the best person I can be, but I have...

June 1, 2018

Now one thing I love about running the Twin Peaks UK Festival is the relationships I have with the fans, or Peakies as I call them, from all over the world.

May 30, 2018

The last six weeks or so have been a heady mix ranging from relaxation and time being spent with friends to crazy productiveness...

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