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Los Angeles '19 Part 3: Long journeys, Locations and a Log!

Twin Peaks Sign.

I had been in Los Angeles for just over 1 week and already had several crazy adventures and torn a ligament! But now it was time to leave the sunshine (I'm kidding, there was only rain) for a short time and head up to Seattle where I would be meeting friends and heading back into the Snoqualmie Valley, otherwise known as the real Twin Peaks.

At this point I just want to point out the difference between being injured in Los Angeles and injured in London. The Americans couldn't do enough to help me with my torn leg ligament; wheelchairs in airports, doors being held open, offers to carry my cases. I got back to London and was bashed into by a woman glued to her phone who then told me it was my fault, got told to get out of a lift because there were too many people in it, and made to stand on the tube as no-one wanted to offer their seat. Take note Londoners, you failed here!

The Palmer House, Everett.
Mary Reber and THAT house.

This was actually my second trip to the 'real' Twin Peaks having visited there in early 2018. My first trip was like a dream. These were places I had waited to see since I was 14 years old. Little did I know back then that 25 years later I would have founded and be running a festival on the show and actually be able to visit the place I had visited so often in my mind. The real Twin Peaks is mainly made up of the towns of North Bend, Snoqualmie and Fall City with a few more locations scattered around and down in California. The beauty of this area has to be seen to be believed, and even if you didn't know Twin Peaks, it's impossible to not be dazzled and appreciate the majesty of Mount Si and it's sumptuous forest surroundings. Every time I gaze upon it I see something new, and it's never a quick gaze, more a long lustful leer! This time round the snow was heavy and a couple of times my 5 year old self couldn't resist seeing how deep it actually went! I think the car below felt it more than I did though! Be warned, this is what happens when you don't pay attention to the operators of the snow ploughs who tell you move your car!

By now we had met up with more friends and I was lucky enough to be crashing at their digs for the night before I went to my hotel the next day. And by digs I meant a £2.5Million 'cabin in the woods' with a view of a small river below and the epitome of the word, seclusion. The cabin was perfect for a large group to stay in and indeed it became the 'Monica's apartment' of our group of friends.

After a restful night we headed to the Salish Lodge and Spa, otherwise known as the

Great Northern Hotel from Twin Peaks, and my home for the next two nights. But before checking in we decided to have breakfast with a glorious view of that famous waterfall from the Twin Peaks credits, the Snoqualmie Falls. Seeing those falls for the first time last year reduced me to tears. They are thunderous, vast, powerful and breathtaking. My reaction from last year was caught on camera by my good friend Jen, it may give you some idea of what I've been saying.

With bellies full we took one more look at the falls and headed back to our van to visit more locations and eventually ended up at one location hardly any of us had been to before. Mount Si High School, otherwise known as Twin Peaks High School. This was incredible timing as the current high school was in the process of being demolished to make way for a new one. Our friend Mary had arranged for us to have a tour around what remained, and for the next hour we saw where multiple scenes took place and got some inside info from our tour guide Holly. Big thanks to Mary for arranging that!

As the evening drew in my torn ligament was screaming to be rested, so while the rest of our friends headed to karaoke, I limped off to my room at the Salish Lodge and Spa, rested, ate, enjoyed the stunning river view and drifted off to sleep. (FYI I also had the biggest shower in the world which we managed to fit 7 of us into. No lie. See pic below!).

Sunday, bright and early we indulged in another Great Northern...sorry Salish Lodge breakfast and got straight on the road to head to Kiana Lodge. Kiana Lodge is my house, well actually it's a venue used for weddings and the like and also served as the interior of the Great Northern Hotel in Twin Peaks, but it's my house and I want it. It is located on Bainbridge Island, which is actually classed as a city (although it's an island) in Puget Sound which itself is in the Salish Sea (still with me), which is a series of waterways in Washington State. Basically it's an island just west of Seattle.

The Kiana Lodge was used for so many scenes in Twin Peaks. For the interior of the Great Northern this is where Leland Palmer learned his daughter was dead from Sheriff Truman, it's where Ben Horne addressed the Norweigans, it's where Josie Packard got to have a smooch with Sheriff Truman (still jealous) on the doorstep of her home, and outside of the Great Northern shots, it was the kitchen of Catherine and Pete Martell's house (which the exterior of the Lodge was also used for) when Pete tells his wife he's "gone fishin" and then finds Laura Palmer's body 'wrapped in plastic' next to a giant log; a giant log, affectionately known as Laura's Log, which still resides in the exact same place nearly 30 years later. So there's some serious Twin Peaks history here. Have a look at the photos below for reference.

The long long box!

After one last glance around my home, visualising where I would put my sofa, we were back in the car headed to the ferry to take us back to the mainland. Except we just missed the ferry so spent a very long hour in the car playing the alphabet game!

A quick stop back to Mary Reber's house (Laura Palmer's house) and then we drove back to Fall City and 'Monica's apartment' where we found the rest of our friends all settling down watching the Oscars! Over the next few hours we ate, drank, played a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity (in the longest box I'd ever seen!) and generally enjoyed each other's company knowing we were all departing the real Twin Peaks the next day.

Charles and myself with pie and book.

And so Monday came around and of course where better to have our last breakfast but at Twede's, the real RR Diner. I had my usual maple link sausage, eggs over medium, french toast and an abundance of coffee, it didn't disappoint. I also finally managed to say hello to the owner Kyle Twede who, every year, sends us goodies for the Twin Peaks UK Festival. It was so good to say hello and thank him in person for all his support. We popped next door to The North Bend Bakery where I was stunned to see my cookbook 'Damn Fine Cherry Pie' on sale! Charles, who works at the bakery, had made a cherry pie from my book and whipped it out to show me - a complete honour guys and I'm so touched you carry the book! We made a brief stop to the North Bend Information Centre to stuff my face with a donut for Twin Peaks Day (maple bar donut has changed my life!) and in a flash I was on a plane heading back to Los Angeles where I still had another week to hang out in my second home. Sad to leave my friends in Washington behind but eager to catch up with more in LA. Part 4 soon!

Lins x

THAT shower!

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